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Iris Spell - Pokecity
oh god my first ever female character ever after how many years on da? 0__0

Iris Spell

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Pokémon: Spoink

Type: Psychic

Ability: Own Tempo
Home District: Eerie Cliff

Job: Fortune Teller

- :iconpsychictypeplz: Future Sight
- :iconpsychictypeplz: Psychic
- :iconpsychictypeplz: Calm Mind 
- :iconghosttypeplz: Confuse Ray

    Iris was born as an only child to a Pignite father and a Grumpig mother who made up a duo magician act for a living. Using the mom's psychic powers, she'd perform illusions with her father as the "lovely assistant". As she was also born with psychic powers, her parents were excited to hopefully include her in on the acts as well once she was older, if not out right allowing her to be the lead magician for some of the events. However, Iris was rather weak with her powers. They were there but she couldn't do much with them. At a young age, she could at best levitate something small like a fork or a piece of paper.

    As she grew older and became a teen, the powers didn't get much better. Granted she had better control over them but the amount that they did was minuscule. This worried her parents, but it didn't warrant anything other than that as it wasn't really a needed part of her life nor was it a huge part. As such, her parents still brought her along for their acts as another lovely assistant, but she was unfortunately unable to perform the way her parents had originally hoped.

    Soon into her career, she was shopping with her mom when they passed by a shop that specialized in glass decorations, utensils, and the like. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a lovely pink orb in the window and when she got a better look at it, she zoned out for a second. When she regained her senses, her mom told her that she stated she wanted that orb and imagined herself having it. She just shook it off and went into the store to buy it. No sooner had she touched it, her powers immediately started levitating it in front of her, something that never happened to her prior. It was safe to say that this came as a surprise to both her and her mother, as neither believed she'd be able to do something like that. Immediately afterwards, she paid for the orb and then immediately ran outside to see what else she could do. However, when she tried to levitate anything else, nothing happened. To her confusion, she sadly thought it might of just been a fluke and pulled the orb back out of the bag. The moment she had the orb in front of her, the object she tried to levitate immediately started floating. Neither her nor her mom understood why but the orb appeared to be a catalyst for her psychic powers to channel through.

    The orb did more than just channel her powers, however. It seemed like every time she gazed at it for more than a minute, she would mentally pass out. This went on for a while until her mother heard her talking to herself in her room one day. What was said wasn't anything special but her mom noticed how after finishing, she seemed to act confused about what happened. With a bit of worry, her mom would watch her when she started to go into these "trances" and noticed that every time it happened, it was after Iris looked into the orb for more than a while. However, she never seemed to lose connection to the world at any other time. Her mom had to make a tough decision. She had to take care of her daughter and felt like the best course of action to avoid these mental black outs was to get rid of the orb, but if she did that, she would lose the one thing that seemed to help her daughter with her powers.

    Before she could make that decision, though, she heard Iris say something that was about herself during one of the trances. She heard her daughter say that a car would hit her at a specific crosswalk. This shook up her mom quite a bit to say the least. A few days passed and after one of their shows, her and Iris were walking home when they arrived at the crosswalk that was mentioned. Even though the sign said it was ok for them to walk, she hesitated, much to the confusion of Iris. After waiting a few seconds, a car came speeding through the light and drove right in front of them before they walked. Had they not hesitated, they would of been hit right there. It was at this moment that her mom realized that everything her daughter was saying in these trances were about the future. Granted, it wasn't the first time her predictions came true but it was the first time that her mom didn't pass it off as coincidence.

Years passed still and Iris had since gained full knowledge of what was happening, however it irked her greatly that she couldn't remember them. Since she was older, however, she saw potential in using the visions to make money for a living since a lot of people will believe almost anything if its good for them, regardless on how skeptical they may be at first. To her dismay, however, she also had to learn to deal with the naysayers and those that believe that she's nothing but a phony. This often led to her having a devil may care attitude cause as long as she makes money, she doesn't care what they say. Regardless, it it here that she now resides providing info for those that seek it. . .however good or bad it may be.

    She is primarily easy-going and blindly optimistic for the most part. This is due to how a lot of people say that at least nothing too bad happens to them when they hear about the future. However, with the visions comes the lack of surprise in her life so she's usually bored with her life before even doing much in the day. As such, anything that's out of the norm for her, regardless of how little it may be, is exciting for her.

    She can come off as a bit heartless though due to constantly giving bad information with a smile on her face. She doesn't mean to appear that way, however. When your livelihood revolves around providing information to those that want it, though, she has learned throughout her life to not let stuff like that bother her. She does freeze up though when hearing extremely bad news though and can rarely handle it, mostly due to either being the one that stated the news or being unable to do anything about it. 

    Due to people calling her a fake, however, she also learned to not care what people may think of her as a whole and will usually shrug off any criticism. . .to an extent.

Likes and Dislikes:
*She almost always has a craving for sour food, especially razzberries.
*Despite dressing the "part", she prefers wearing dresses more than her "outfit", for the lack of a better term.
*She has a soft spot in her heart for cheesy kids shows, something she never grew out of.
-Unlike sour food, she has zero tolerance to spicy food and even the mildest of spice is too much for her sometimes.
-She also hates the fact that she can't see her own future, at least not without another person there with her.
-She is mildly peeved if someone primarily stands on her right half, although she won't hold it against them.

-She tends to have short term memory loss after looking into her crystal ball, mostly just forgetting what she said to the client and what she saw immediately
-Due to the aformentioned, she even doubts her own visions sometimes as she usually has to rely on what the client or person said she told them for her to know what she saw.
-The crystal ball that she uses enhances her attacks and helps channel them. Without it, she can only use Calm Mind and a weakened Psychic.
-Her right eye is technically blind, but she can only see out of it when viewing visions.
-She was blind in that eye since birth and grew to live with it.
-She refuses to go to Poketopia and fears persecution from people there mostly due to their reliance on science.


Justin Silver
Artist | Student | Digital Art
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